Rebecca lived in London all her life until 2017 when she relocated to the Suffolk countryside. Beginning her professional life as a Costume Designer for Dance and Theatre she later trained as a Child Psychotherapist, work which has influenced her approach to creative thinking in many areas. Since studying Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art she has concentrated on painting and object making, drawn to the potential of colours and organic forms to revitalise our perceptions. She shows across Europe with work in private collections and intends to devote more time to making and showing in her new surroundings.

Rebecca Bergese in her studio


A painting is so much more than an image. I gravitate to making artefacts, not a window to a world, or a base for transmission, but objects that inhabit a location or a space. Just as the archeologist unearths the objects of the past and brings them into today’s light, so I want the residue of the earlier work to have a presence in the marks and colours that complete the piece.

My recent work has been influenced by the materials, the brilliant colours and formal language that characterise the iconic paintings of eastern cultures.